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Small Dogs Live Large!

Issuing time:2019-11-26 00:00

Whether in a big city or in the great outdoors, there’s always plenty of room for a grand adventure together! But, don’t let your small dog’s size fool you. These sidekicks are perfect travel companions and are just as adventuresome and athletic as their larger counterparts.

No matter where your road may lead, fun activities await you just around the bend—even if you live in a bustling city. Dog parks are the perfect place to start exploring together. They allow your pooch to wander free, socialize and enjoy the great outdoors in a safe, controlled environment. Many even offer dedicated sections for pups that are small in stature so you can rest easy in the knowledge that your little buddy won’t be picked on by larger dogs.

If wide open spaces are more your style, look for national parks or forests and state parks with dog-friendly trails. These destinations are great for longer camping trips or simple day hikes. We recommend packing extra water and snacks for you both while you’re on the trail. Keep an eye and ear out for wildlife and make sure your bestie has been treated for fleas and ticks before you go.

One other option for a great adventure is in your very own back yard. Throw a pool party with a baby pool, play fetch or create a simple obstacle course with items around your house. It doesn’t matter what activities you enjoy, as long as you do it together!

Regardless of where you go or which path you choose, make sure to pack accordingly. Take along a PEDIGREE® Pouch for a simple, no-mess meal and grab a few extra treats to reward your little buddy for a job well done. Make sure you take plenty of water and don’t forget to stop along the way for rest time and play time.

So, get up and get going! It’s time to live large with your small dog because your adventure is waiting.

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